Florida Real Estate Licensing

Obtaining a Florida Sales Associate License

Steps Required to Obtain Your Florida Sales Associate License:

1. Begin the 63 hour Florida Pre-licensing Sales Associate course

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• Cost of 63 hour course is $249

• Cost of 63 hour course with QBank of questions is $279

2. Apply for your Florida real estate license



•  You can apply for this license while in the process of completing the course

•  The application fee is $83.75

3. Have your fingerprints taken

4. Complete the 63 hour course and pass the Florida Sales Associate exam

•  Cost of the state examination is $36.75

5. Schedule the Florida State Examination

•  You must have your course completion certificate from the course as well as the approval of your application before you can schedule the state exam.

6. Once the Florida State Examination is passed, you will need to work for a Sponsoring Broker

63-Hour Pre-License Course


  • 63-Hour State-Approved Course
  • PLUS Exam Prep QBank