Tennessee Real Estate Licensing

Real Estate Sales Academy has partnered with Kaplan Real Estate Education to provide Tennessee Affiliate Broker and Broker licensing that fits your schedule.

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  • Continuing Education

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Tennessee State Requirements

Tennessee Real Estate Commission

500 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243-0565

Phone: 651-741-2241

Email: trec.info@tn.gov

Website: https://www.tn.gov/commerce/regboards/trec.html

Tennessee Real Estate License: Affiliate Broker

Requirements to Obtain an Affiliate Broker License:

      • Be 18 years or older
      • Be a resident of Tennessee for at least 45 days
      • Submit fingerprints for background check
      • Proof of High school diploma or equivalent
      • Proof of completion of 60 credit hours of education before sitting for the PSI Exam; have completed 30 hour New Affiliates course before applying for a license
      • Successfully pass the State and National portions of the exam

Tennessee Real Estate License: Broker

Requirements to Obtain a Broker License:

      • Be 18 years or older
      • Provide proof of high school diploma or equivalent
      • Must have an active license that meets one of the following criteria:
          • Twenty-four (24) months actively licensed, if licensed as an affiliate broker on or before May 12, 1988
          • Thirty-six (36) months actively licensed, if licensed as an affiliate broker after May 12, 1988
          • Twenty-four (24) months actively licensed, if the candidate has a baccalaureate degree with a major in real estate.
      • Have successfully completed 120 hours of real estate education, 30 of which must be an Office/Broker Management course.
      • Submit the completed Broker Examination application before making examination appointment
      • Successfully passed the State and National portions of the Brokers exam.


Broker Post-Licensing: Requirements for First Renewal

      • Brokers licensed on or after January 1, 2001 must complete 120 hours of approved post-broker education within three years of issuance of the Broker’s license (regardless of hours accrued before the Broker’s license was obtained).

Affiliate Broker & Broker Continuing Education

Continuing Education Requirements:

      • Per renewal period, 16 hours of education are required. Must be 10 hours of electives and the 6 hour Mandatory CORE course.
      • Licenses renew every 2 years

Tennessee Real Estate Examinations

      • Must submit an application to state before scheduling State or National exam.
      • Phone: 800-733-9267
      • Please read through the Candidate Information Bulletin to be prepared for exam day